Valo FormLayout margin

Hi, I tried to use setMargin(true) on FormLayout but nothing happens. Other layouts works well. That is second bug in FormLayout (or in theme?) I found first day of using it. :slight_smile: The question is - is good idea to use FormLayout generally?

Thank you, Michal

Hey, unfortunately that really is a bug. Good news is that it’s already fixed and will be published in 7.3.4. Please see this:

In general FormLayout is just normal layouting component and it can be used.

Thank you Peter!
That is a good news. Do you know when will be 7.3.4 available? Approximately days, weeks, months?

Next question is do you know more about this bug or should I report it as a new bug:!/thread/8509756

It’s regular maintenance release, seems to be two days late already… It’s probably out next week.