Validator's error msg not shown when field added inside window

Hi, i’m using vaadin nightly 7.0.0 20120706… i’m having this problem which my text field’s validator error msg not shown when added inside a window. Anyone experience this? Is this a bug?

FormLayout form = new FormLayout();
TextField tf = new TextField("A field, must contain 1-2 chars");
 tf.addValidator(new StringLengthValidator("Invalid length", 1, 2, false));
Window wind = new Window();

Still no solution for this. I’m using vaadin 7 nightly build, the problem seem not solved yet. Anybody ?

Is this problem confirmed?

I have the same issue with beta10.

If you can reproduce the problem with the latest beta (or even better, the latest nightly) and you can’t find an existing bug report in
, please
create a ticket
. I have the recollection there are some known issues about validators, but I cannot recall about this one.

If there is no ticket, the issue is likely to be forgotten among the thousands of forum messages.

Tried with nightly, I can’t reproduce it.