Validator on field doesn't get called on every keystroke

The title pretty much summarizes things. I’m creating a Window (see attached file) that lets the user change his password. My validator checks what has been input thus far for minimum criteria and, thus, needs to be called on every keystroke. Before I knew about Vaadin’s Validator interface, I tried implementing this using a TextChangeListener. But it had th same problem my subsequent Validator attempt has had:
the textChange() and validate() methods don’t get called on every key stroke!
I tried everything I could think of:
But nothing seems to work.

Is this a bug? Has anyone actually succeeded doing this inside a Window? The examples of Validators I’ve seen have always been in Views.

Any help is much appreciated. (2.15 KB)

The TextChange event doesn’t trigger a ValueChange, which is required for an implicit validate(). You can call validate() yourself in the TextChangeListener.