Validation messages broken since Vaadin 14.0.6 or 14.0.7

Hi everyone.
Does anybody else have problems with validation messages using a Binder and TextFields not beeing displayed correctly after upgrading from 14.0.5 to something higher? They are not displayed at all, or they are shown very briefly and immediately hidden again or only some of them are visible.
The binder is correctly reporting validation errors (checked by adding a status listener).

I check all version up until 14.0.10 and even 14.1.0.alpha4. Same problem.
In 14.0.5 it was still working. I could not check 14.0.6 so the first time I saw the problem was in 14.0.7


  • Vaadin 14.0.10 (NPM Mode)
  • Spring Boot 2.2.0
  • Kotlin 1.3.50

Hi, is your problem this one

In case yes, that has been just fixed (but not released yet)

Thanks for mentioning that bug. To be honest I don’t know whether it is the same bug. Part of it seems similar to my problem but in my case it’s not a date picker and it’s not dependent on “asRequired”.
So I think I will stick to 14.0.5, because everythinks works with that version.
When the fix for has been released, I will check again. If my problem is not fixed I will create a new bug report.

Ok, then there is another bug candidate that fits your description