Validation listener

Hi everybody,

I work with Vaadin since several month and I am quite happy with it. Its documentation is really good, but now I have a question specfic to binding with FieldGroup and Validation.

I have a bean that is annotated with JSR-303-Constraints (Bean-Validation). I am creating a BeanFieldGroup and binding several properties to different components (buffering is disabled). The components immediate property is set to true. Validation works the way i want to. E.g. the error indicator is shown at a text field after leaving it. A small tooltip fades in with the error message of the constraint that is not fulfilled. Really cool feature without doing much of work!

The form contains a “Finish” button, too. This button should be enabled if the validation of all binded fields of the fieldgroup was successful. I was looking for something like addValidationListener for fieldgroup. Does something exists or how can I solve the problem?