Validation higlighter in mobile view but not in desktop

I’m seeing a strange issue when using BigDecimal Fields. The highlighted fields doesn’t have any validation but you can see here they’re changing to red when user clicks on the submit. This is not happening in Desktop view

This is the desktop view

what does Submit do specifically?

Also, if you use the browser’s devtools to emulate different viewport sizes, do the fields actually change in appearance as the size changes?

Submit button persists the data

I do not see the issue now. Not sure whhy I was getting earlier and not now

I got the issue again and this time in desktop view itself

and it happens sometimes and some other time not

Unable to reproduce but I can say this validation has some weird issues

I don’t think it’s related to the desktop or mobile view but without the code it’s hard to tell if it’s a bug in the framework or in the usage of the Binder.
The validation system is currently under refactoring that should be out in the next Vaadin 24 release (it’s hard to says if it will done for V24.3 or 24.4). You can see the main ticket: Validation refactor to fix issues related to the validated event · Issue #5537 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub (and you can see the links that the main ticket should fix).