Validation error is displayed after changing other field

I use V14. On my form I have a few fields (email, names, phone etc.) and on some of them there is a validation.
So I use the following code:


                .withValidator(new RegexpValidator("Please use maximum 20 letters", "^[a-zA-Z\\s]
                .bind(Customer::getFirstName, Customer::setFirstName);
                .withValidator(new RegexpValidator("Please use maximum 20 letters", "^[a-zA-Z\\s]
                .bind(Customer::getLastName, Customer::setLastName);

And what happens:
after writing “123” in firstName field and leaving it - there is no validation error. So I write “123” in lastName field and leave it. Then the validation error appears, but on firstName field. Generally - if I continue to write wrong input on field N+1, the validation error appears on field N.
I’m attaching a gif to help in understanding my problem.
Looks to me like somehow connected to but I’m not sure.

There’s more recent threads about binder validation not working - [Validation messages broken since Vaadin 14.0.6 or 14.0.7]

I don’t see a related issue in the [github of vaadin flow]
(, you should open an issue there about this.

Thanks, for mentioning, I’ll do that.