Vadim 8 on google app engine

After building a complete Vadim 8 app using Eclipse, maven, spring boot, MySQL db and Java 8, I am trying to deploy it to Google Application Engine.
From the little I read ( very little documentation on this ), seems that the GAEAplicationServlet class is required yet it is not available in Vadim 8 anymore - any solution to that ?
Second, any good examples or docs on this subject for Vadim 8 ?

many thanks


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Citing the docs: Support for Google App Engine has been dropped

GAEVaadinServlet is still available even though not officially supported - you can find it in in the compatibility-server module in Vaadin Framework 8.0.x and in compatibility-server-gae in Vaadin Framework 8.1.x pre-releases. There is (somewhat incomplete) documentation for the Vaadin 7 version of it at

The biggest issues with Vaadin and GAE have been related to GAE doing excessive session serialization and de-serialization as it was originally designed for stateless or almost stateless applications, whereas Vaadin Framework heavily relies on server side state. This often leads to high latencies and suboptimal performance. Although these have been improved in the more recent versions of GAE, some of the fundamental issues remain.