Vaddin 6 Portlets in Liferay under IE 10 - Component Exceptions

I am developing some portlets for Liferay 6.1.20 EE GA2 using Vaadin 6.8.10.

This was working well, until testing the portlets under IE 10. It looks like there is a bug in Vaadin 6 affected by sub-pixel rendering in IE 10:

Vaadin suggests a workaround (and states that this has been incorporated into Vaadin 6.8.3) here:

This workaround doesn’t seem to work for portlets, however.

So my questions are:

  • Is the workaround suggested in the bug report the best approach in the context of a portlet on Liferay?
  • If so, What is the best way to incorporate the workaround (adding ) portal-wide
  • If not, what alternatives are there?

Please note that upgrading to Vaadin 7 may not be feasible, as we are required to support IE 7.