Vaading tutoriel example doesn't run


I try to run this exemple :

The documentation explains :


Importing in Eclipse

Make sure you have “Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers” and Maven integration “m2e-wtp” installed. You will get Eclipse from and plugins through Help → Eclipse Marketplace… menu

To checkout and run the project from Eclipse, do:

File -> Import...
Check out Maven Projects from CMS
Choose Git from SCM menu and set URL to git://
Now you should have checked out the project
To run it, choose Run As -> Run on Server
Start experimenting


Then, I download the Maven project from Github.

The project contains no error.

When I want choose : Run As → Run on Server the item “Run on Server” is not showed.

However the Tomcat local server is running.

How can I run this example ?

Thank. :wink: