Vaading 7 + Touchkit 3 (Tutorial?)

Im trying to combine the following: Vaadin 7, Touchkit 3, Guice (and build it with Gradle). Unfortnuately, it seems that the “mobiletheme” is just ignored and I get a normal website. Can someone give me a hint where I find some tutorial with Vaadin 7 + Touchkit 3 (any repository, etc.). Then I could try much better to track down what I did wrong.


Hi Martin,

There’s no tutorial for Vaadin TouchKit 3 as everything covered in the old tutorial now is covered in
Book of Vaadin

As for themes, as they have changed quite a bit in Vaadin 7, you can check out the sources for our demo app Vornitologist, which has a custom theme and should provide an example on how to do it,


Dear Jonatan,
perfect, this was exactly what I was looking for (the