Vaadin8 bind multiple gui components to single bean

I was reading the new data binding api (binder).
​Is it possible to - say - bind the same bean pojo property to ie. different TextField.

​For example bind to TextfieldA and TexfieldB?

​What is the behaviour in this case?
User types in A → framework update model → framework broadcast automatically the change to other bound view components, like B


​Textfield B must be synchronized manually?
Or the bean must supports event broadcasting to update all view components bound to it?

​Wasn’t a scenario possible in previous vaadin data model (Property based?)?


With Vaadin 7, Property took care of propagating the changes. However, as Vaadin 8 uses POJOs directly (or via user provided lambdas), there is no such intermediate layer. As POJOs don’t provide a way to listen for changes, such automatic two-way binding is not supported, and the fields would need a value change listener to trigger explicit update of the other field.

In more complex cases, some kind of an event bus might also be an option.