Vaadin7 native select and other styles

Hi all,
I am totally new to Vaadin7. I need to design a application Login screen as given in the attached images. The attached image “RequiredView.JPG” is the design which I require and “AchievedView.JPG” is the View which I have been able to do till now by self R&D.

I have designed the ‘AchievedView’ with Vaadin7.

My queries are :

  1. How to achieve combo box styles (mainly the drop down button) in ‘AchievedView.JPG’ eaxctly/mostly as in ‘RequiredView.JPG’. ( NativeSelect component is used.)

  2. How to add mandatory field symbol (Red asterix) beside labels in ‘AchievedView.JPG’ as in ‘RequiredView.JPG’.

  3. In RequiredView a thin white border is seen around the caption of the login Panel. How can I achieve that in AchievedView with Vaadin7.