Vaadin7 minimal deployment

Is there a list of 3rd party libraries for minimal Vaadin 7 deployment? We are using Vaadin in embedded system with limited memory resources and need to keep the installed size size as small as possible.


No detailed list yet as far as I know, but at least the following are required for a production mode deployment: vaadin-server, vaadin-shared, vaadin-shared-deps, vaadin-themes and jsoup. In addition to these, you need your compiled widgetset or vaadin-client-compiled. You might also need some other JARs, e.g. you might need vaadin-theme-compiler and its dependencies if not running in production mode.

You can probably prune each of these JARs a little if necessary

  • remove some of the themes (keep base and the one you use as the basis of your theme; SCSS files and most CSS files other than legacy-styles.css or styles.css can probably be removed)
  • remove Java source code from the other JARs