Vaadin7 - LoadingIndicator (blockUI)

i briefly explain our context:
We have a series of vaadin portlets inside a portal server.
We would like to understand what is the recommended methodology to make the loadingIndicator (blockUI) show only on the container of the portlet and not on the entire page.

The components that trigger the loadingIndicator are buttons clicks, asynchronous calls, etc.

You can for example start by overriding the @mixin valo-loading-bar with an empty implementation to remove the default loading indicator. That will remove it naturally, and in that mixin you can customize it.

Thank you Tatu.
Now i have a big problem, i must select and change the div (with class v-loading-indicator) of the current portlet only.
Can you help me to retrieve the root contaier of a portlet and than change the style?