Vaadin7 Kemp LoadBalaner

We are currently, having a problem with Vaadin7 and Kemp Load Balancer.
When the Vaadin app is accessed via browser url, the application doesn’t load for the first time for like 10-20 seconds (Empty Response). after this delay the application starts to load normally. Until the browser cache is cleared again or certain timeout occurs. (We do not know exactly why)

However, With a SSH-Tunnel to server, application loads fine. We figured out that the problem most probably lies on Kemp Load Balancer. However, the load balancer support analysed the issue and come up with the following question which I hope someone can answer :

What works is a request when no bootstap or PUSH from .js is used from a client. However when a client makes a request and the Java script wants the client to request the following URLs the real server will reset the LoadMasters connection. I don’t know why it resets? But we will send the same reset back to the client.

We make a request for
GET /MyApp/VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.12 HTTP/1.1

and receive a 200 ok.

We make a request for

GET /MyApp/VAADIN/vaadinPush.js?v=7.7.12

Again we get a 200 ok.

But now we request the styles.css and every request after this receives a reset.

Here is the widget request, again reset by the server. We have matched and changed all URLs as per the details we’ve been provided. The Host header uses the Server in its name. The URL maintains Adsuite5.

Maybe the server developers can explain why the real server resets all connections from the LoadMaster, when a request is made to

Any help would be greatly appreciated.