Vaadin14 Enhanced Crud - Localization not working properly

I ran into a problem with the Enhanced Crud component, on the 1.2 version.


The setCancel method does nothing, all the others are fine but Cancel stays default.
Is there any workaround for this? We just noticed this, we used the default Crud for a while but had to change to the enhanced during the project, it was fine on the default.

This is an interesting finding. The i18n implementation of Enhanced CRUD is identical to normal CRUD component. Thus I would suspected that this could be bug in both if it is not working. However There is potential workaround in Enhanced CRUD. Unlike its normal variant, Enhanced CRUD has getCancel() method that returns reference to cancel button itself. This was originally purposed for e.g. possibility of hiding the cancel button if needed. This method can be also used to alter its caption.

Did you manage to look into it? I’m also curious why it was fine with the standard one and have problems with the enhanced crud, maybe something weird is happening in my project or this really is an existing bug.