Vaadin XS - Javascript problem ?

Hi all,

here is a problem I’m facing with Vaadin-XS addon. in order to integrate it in a JSF application, I need to fine tune the Javascript.

I’ve attached a sample project (no jsf just plain vaadin) where I’ve this page test.html (http://localhost:8080/SimpleXs/test.html).

This page contains the adapted Javascript that I “rewrote”
based on the http://localhost:8080/SimpleXs/getEmbedJs and what’s in the book.

Problem is as shown in the three screenshots, display looks very strange (here with Runo theme)

If I look in chrome developer tools I see no error.

I’m Using vaadin 6.8.5 and Vaadin-xs 0.9.1

on a complex form, the display is completely messed up.

any idea on this or path I could take to explore the problem ?

kind regards


PS: of course if I access this application directly http://localhost:8080/SimpleXs/xs, I get a rather normal display for combo and buttons.

note: i’ve removed vaadin 6.8.5 from attached zip file
12642.png (96.6 KB)

ok solution found thanks to Matti

adding the following header to the html page is required.

one could also decide to add (initial tip from Matti)

next for me is to try to get this working in a JSF 1.2 facelet template.