Vaadin with REST

After not having used Vaadin for a year, and probably due to progress in Vaadin, I have difficulty answering this question.

  1. If my project requires pure REST interchange with JSON or XML, no GWT-RPC allowed. And, all REST APIs must be known and published (and referentible when assigned the appropriate privileges), would there be any advantage in using Vaadin rather than plain GWT?
  2. Does Vaadin provide JAX-RS support and to what level?
  3. Client-server interchange: Any support for POJO-JSON marshalling/demarshalling, JAX-B? Jackson JSON format support? XML-Schema?
  4. MVP?

Though, my question is brief, any elaborate answer would be very appreciated. If question lacks depth, please comment to get me to elaborate my question.

In my opinion, Vaadin is best for creating RIA rather than creating RESTFul apps. Of course, there are still ways of doing it in vaadin if you must. Accessing rest apis in vaadin shouldn’t be an issue, it just maybe not optimal to publish. If all you are doing is RESTFul apps you should also evaluate other frameworks like restlet

I’d also like to suggest the Java reference implementation of restful services:
With an EE server, it’s as simple as adding a few annotations to a Java class to turn it into a web service.



You would have the Vaadin server-side as “the client” for your REST services because Vaadin’s philosophy is to keep the application logic on secure server-side environment where the programming model is also simpler. As Vaadin server-side runs on JVM you are free to use any kind of tools / libraries for interacting with your restful services with Vaadin.

But I share Vin’s comment, if you are not doing applications and have more page oriented use cases, then check other web frameworks as well. It depends what kind of project you are doing.

If you can, please keep us posted what kind of progress or issues you have!

Can any one help me
I have developed one project in spring but im now redesigning my project in vaadin as aclient side and server side application logic is same in spring can i use vaadin with rest webservices for calling server side function logics is it possible


Check out my recent
blog entry about the subject


but im tried this application but in your github repository in pom.xml file you mentoined two jar files list but vaadin-essential jar is not getting from maveen repository plz provide any solution for that

Hi, the server hosting the vaadin-javaee-essentials had for some reason died. Rebooted that and it should now work again. Should move that helper to maven central some day…