Vaadin with OSGI

I have been looking into the OSGI and Vaadin web resources online.

These resources are a bit old ones (updated in 2013). Has something changed since then?

I mean, Do we still have to build our own “Vaadin bridge”? Or has it been added to vaadin in any latest release?


right now we are working on two different implementations for Vaadin-OSGi. One für OSGi R5 [1]
and one for OSGi R6 [2]
But they are not finished yet.

In the meanwhile i would suggest to copy the implementation mentioned in [3]
. Is licensed under Apache. It only takes a few minutes up to an hour to make things work properly.

The most work will be to setup an Eclipse PDE Targetplatform. There is one available in [3]
/setup. But most probably it is outdated and needs an update. But the PDE Targetplatform.Editor → Update-Button does not always work properly. If it does not so, then you have to update the TP by adding the features again. Are you aware how to do so? My colleague Klemens Edler could provide a stable TP until tuesday. It hosted on our server. It will be kept stable, so things should work fine.

As soon as [1]
and [2]
are implemented, things become more simple. But we need some time to finish them.

Please tell me about the Targetplatform issue. Should we prepare one or will you do for your own?

And please contact me for any questions. You can also do so using skype: ktwpif.

Best Florian


Hi Florian,

I have an urgent problem: last months we presented to one of our customer Liferay 6 with vaadin. They love it! so they want to develope a new transactional portal. Our portlets where simple vaadin, using scaladin (i.e., in scala), using RxScala and last we use Vaangular for the old portal (which is developed in AngularJS). Everything worked pok so They bought the idea and want to start right away.

The problem is with Liferay 7 (DXP) since everything is in OSGi. We are very beginners in that field (e.g., OSGi Enroute). Even we tried to run the examples from Sampsa Sohlman ( with no sucess.

I need urgent a POC for Liferay DXP and Vaadin. And will be better with Scaladin, RxScala and Vaangular.

Can you help me with this problem? Do you have any POC for Liferay DXP?

No answer. Befora menua antemps I could use Scaladin and RTxScala with Liferay DXP.

My problem is with Vaangular since when I convert it as OSGi. Its dependency with Javascript Plus addon for Vaadin detect a dependency with com.goggle.gwt.core.clientJavascriptObject.

vaadin-client-7.7.6.jar doesn not come anymore with the google claseses. Any idea what I´m doing wrong?