Vaadin Widgetset Compile Manually

Something got jacked up on my Eclipse and I can’t compile wigetsets anymore. I have a Vaadin 6 and Vaadin 7 project in my workspace which the Vaadin 6 compiles just fine but the Vaadin 7 doesn’t. The console dumps out the exact command its uses to compile, I want that for Vaadin 7.

The issue is it runs java //… jars for project …/ com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/gwt-user/2.3.0/gwt-user.jar -out WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets -localWorkers 8 -logLevel INFO com.widgetset.ProjectWidgetset

And it fails saying: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/vaadin/tools/WidgetsetCompiler

My plugin is at the most up to date so I don’t know why its trying to use WidgetsetCompiler when its been depreciated. If someone could provide me the correct command line for compiling the widget set I can do that, or if they have an idea of how to get this working.