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Any ideas about why Vaddin is not running their website and forum on Vaadin framework?
Is the Vaadin framework not suitable for that type of app?



Vaadin is intended foremost for creating highly interactive web applications. For non-interactive content, plain HTML pages are much more efficient, especially if the page size or complexity is high. The Ajax-based rendering model in Vaadin is slower than regular HTML rendering. The difference is negligible in small pages, but can be huge in larger ones. Network latency should also be considered as large latency may cause trouble for some users.

Our standard recommendation is to use a content management or portal system for non-interactive content and have Vaadin apps as portlets or otherwise embedded in the web pages. The website is one example - most is static or dynamic content in Liferay portal, while the Directory is a web shop application made with Vaadin as a portlet, as is most of the Pro Account content.

Nevertheless, there are some websites made with Vaadin and they seem to work quite well. Most notably, the
Knowledge Black Belt
. There’s also the
add-on for making websites with Vaadin.

We have had plans for implementing Vaadin based forum for a quite a while, but have not had time to start the project yet.

For the web-site we choose Liferay for its already built in community functionality. I would recommend to combine Vaadin with some page-oriented technology (like Liferay) for web-sites instead using just Vaadin for the whole site.

Status update - project is started. Expect to see something interesting by the end of the year :wink:

Another status update…

Yes - we ended up with a “internal pre-release” state with new forum on January. Then put the effort on side for a while to get UX feedback from the team.

Now we started work on this again and are aiming to have a public release in late June - or so. Keeping my fingers crossed though…

I know it might be pushing it a little, but any chance that it’ll have an RSS/atom feed (with full content)?

I keep up to date with the forum with an RSS reader - makes my life so much easier. (Except when Liferay screws up all the markup in messages when you request > a max of 20 messages, but hey)



I (now) put a ticket about RSS in the backlog. Unfortunately, there’s no estimate on when it’ll be implemented :confused: