Vaadin Website Graphic Issues Lately


Anyone notice any graphics issues with the vaadin website over the last couple of weeks? I did a search on the forums, but found to much stuff and nothing relevant…

I thought it might get fixed, but still seems to be there for me (maybe it is just me?).

Running OS X 10.7.3, Chrome 18.0.1025.162, actually I think the issue might have started around a Chrome update.

Nothing major, but it does not quite look right… screen shot attached.

Note the double lines on the Download link, this happens on hover on all items but sometimes shows up on all items without hover.

Also note the glitches on the lower graphic, starts OK but after the first transition there are various effects.

Some sub-page menus also look a bit wacky.

Is it just me? If not, then I thought you might like to know (in case you don’t already).


That’s weird. Yeah, I can see that too.

I’ll make a note of that for us, but unfortunately I can’t make any promises on the fix schedule :confused: But thanks for letting us know!