Vaadin WCAG2.0 Compatibity

Vaadin Framework 6.8.x have wcag2.0 Compatibity?

Vaadin Framework 6.8.x has accessible implementation?

12462.pdf (146 KB)

Vaadin and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines



I read that post, but it is dated to 2010. I want something more updated.

Could you help me?

How to reach vaadin support?


That’s as updated as there is - I don’t believe there has been any significant change since that article. for general contact info. I know no more than that.

There have been some minor improvements since the document was written but it still mostly applies - Vaadin takes care of a few accessibility related issues but many are up to the application developer and some Vaadin components do not support the accessibility standards so you should use alternative components/approaches if your application has strict accessibility requirements.

Further major improvements for Table are unlikely before a rewrite of the Table component, probably in Vaadin 7.x (maybe 7.1).
Other improvements may take place (see the tickets) but also other bigger changes will happen most likely in minor versions after 7.0 for schedule reasons.