Vaadin Visual Designer

I get an error shown in the attachment when I try to open the designer tab for a manually written source code. The source code is same as in and has no errors. I want to open the designer tab for this code and make changes to the UI components. Can someone please help ?

I am using Eclipse Indigo SR2 + Vaadin 2.2.0. For creating the class files, I did Right Click on the package → New → Others → Vaadin Composite.


And what error are you getting?

I have added the snapshot of the error as an attachment.

The error says “Could not open design view. Failed to find or parse visually editable class. caused by not an editable CustomComponent.”

When you edited the Composite generated from the Vaadin Composite Wizard did you modify the @AutoGenerated methods?

Modifing the @AutoGenerated methods usually yields that kind of error when the Visual Designer no longer can interpret the code in those methods. Custom logic should therefore always be added outside of those methods if you wish to use the Visual Designer to further modify the UI with.

I haven’t modified any @AutoGenerated methods, in fact there were no @AutoGenerated methods in the code. I am using the same code as in : to create a login page.

Unfortunatly the Visual Designer cannot handle other classes than those created by the Visual Designer itself (using the Vaadin Composite Wizard). The examples in the wiki is not created with the Wizard so they are not directly usable with the Visual Designer.

I would suggest you first create the component with the Vaadin Composite Wizard and then add the details to that from the wiki article. That way you might be able to keep the composite editable in the Visual Designer.