Vaadin Visual designer on STS2.6.1 winows xp xulrunner

Hi everyone

I am new to Vaadin and I am trying to test the pizzashop tutorial on STS ( spring test suite tool) . I managed to get the vaadin addon working and I am able to see the application working. Now I want to use the visual editor but I got an error message that XULRUNNER version 1.9 or higher need to be installed. I found version 2.0 and run the xulrunner.exe --register-global ( and user also tried) rebooted machine uninstalled STS and installed again but I always get the same error. Can someone advise please - if for example there is xcp application that I need to install with xulrunner or anything I missed.

Kind regards

Have you tried adding xulrunner directly in the STS launch script ?

In STS.ini after -vmargs add:

i tried that but I still get the same error during sts start-up I get a message xulrunner ver 1.9 or higher need to be installed