Vaadin Visual Designer 0.8 available

Vaadin Visual Designer 0.8.0 is a much improved update to the experimental Visual Editor. Note that Visual Editor still is not ready for production use.

Changes in this version include:

  • Configurable grid and guides
  • Snap to object / Snap to grid
  • Add-on/CustomComponent support
  • Tabsheet support
  • Accordion support
  • Embedded support
  • TextArea support
  • HorizontalSplitPanel/VerticalSplitPanel support
  • Compatible with Vaadin 6.5
  • A huge number of bugfixes

If you do not have automatic plugin updates enabled in your Eclipse, you can update the Vaadin Visual Designer plugin by selecting Help → Check for Updates. You can also play with the nightly builds at
the demo site
, but note that you will not be able to edit or view the generated source code unless you install the Eclipse plugin. The
Elipse plugin bundle
has also been updated with the new release of Vaadin Visual Designer, which means that everyone behind prohibitive proxies also can give it a whirl.

We’re steadily working up to the 1.0 release, which hopefully will be ready before summer, so stay tuned!


I want to use Vaadin Visual Designer as a service. what can i do for that?
So i can create multiple forms.

Using the visual editor as a part of your application? I have written a little about related topics before on the forum.

The visual editor itself is a Vaadin application and not strongly coupled to any specific environment, and it is already used at least in one system other than the Eclipse plug-in. It communicates with the back-end (e.g. code parsing and generation in the Eclipse plugin) via a simple model, which is not specific to IDEs. If embedding the visual editor as a part of an application, you would need to handle storing models and mapping them to UIs at runtime yourself, though.

The Eclipse plug-in source code can be found in
and the visual editor itself (no dependencies to Eclipse) in the subdirectory VisualDesigner.

Thank You very much. I am struggling since for a week. Finally i got what i want
But how can i download that. There are so many files with different directories.

You can do an SVN checkout directly from that URL.

I finally got it running but i am getting following output.
I have attached paint file.
Where did i made mistake?

Looks like your widgetset cannot be found. Have you compiled the widgetset? (it does not come precompiled if I remember correctly) and check that the widgetset is correctly defined in web.xml

It looks like either you haven’t compiled the widgetset (see the “widgetset” target in build/build.xml or use the Vaadin plug-in for Eclipse to compile it) or your web.xml does not use it - see
this web.xml
. Note also the use of ICEPushServlet in web.xml.

See also
this help page
about using Vaadin add-ons.

That worked but giving another error.

I didnt get that error.
Is there be an application file of widgetset?

Hi, i would like to use vaadin 7 compatible visual editor in a separate web project, i am planning to make a prototype editor.

Could you please tell if the source on is vaadin 7 compatible ?

It is not. There are changes in V7 that break the editor. I saw in some other thread that they might actually retire the visual editor, although I’d be depressed if that happened…

I still use the V6 editor for the visual layout, though. When you switch to the source view, you can fix the errors. Unfortunately, you cannot switch back to the design view after you make the changes. So get your design done completely before switching over. Also be sure to save often as I’ve seen Eclipse lock up sometimes…

There are no plans for retiring visual editor. We hope to put some focus on the editor after summer.

That’s great news, Joonas. I really like being able to create the pages visually rather than hand-coding all of the boilerplate code to add widgets in a component…

When you do get around to it, will you be taking suggestions? For instance, I like the components palette, but only the built-in types have icons associated with them. It would be great if third party addons could include an icon in the jar that the editor would use in the palette…

I’d also prefer the use of ‘protected’ over ‘private’ for the created methods as it would allow me to extend a custom component and only override the build methods that I need to make minor changes to…

create enhancement requests and bug reports
on the issues you have encountered, with “Visual Designer” as the component in Trac. Small bugs such as generating enums vs. other values might even be fixed earlier, although it would be good to do it cleanly in the code.

I would expect future versions of the visual designer to be internally based on Vaadin 7, requiring compatibility code for generating classes for Vaadin 6 instead of the other way around.

Added enhancements