Vaadin version / Widgetset version mismatch

I am using vaadin 7.4.2 and touchKit 4.0.0 - my prototype app runs but I am getting the following

The widgetset in use does not seem to be built for the Vaadin
version in use. This might cause strange problems - a
recompile/deploy is strongly recommended.
Vaadin version: 7.4.2
Widgetset version: 7.4.1

what do I need to do for the widgetset to have the correct version?

You need to recompile the widgetset.

thanks for your reply

I have recompiled the widgetset several times before posting here, and I am still getting this warning at run time.

where does the widgetset version resides?

I know vaadin framework is at 7.4.2 and the touchkit add-on is at 4.0.0

I have this problem too. Compiling widgeset, restarting Eclipse and resolving Ivy make no changes.

I had the same problem (usign Eclipse) and the solution was:

  1. clean all Ivy caches (right click on your project → Ivy → clean alla caches)
  2. clean the project
  3. recompile the widgetset.