Vaadin version drop down is empty when try to create new project

Hi Experts,

I am having problem with Vaadin Integration plugin with Eclipse. I am using the latest Eclipse Galileo 3.5.1 JEE for Web Developers. When I click on create New Project → Vaadin Project, the vaadin version drop down is coming empty. I tried to complete the project creation, it prompted me “Failed while installing Vaadin Eclipse Integration 1.0 Reason: Checking latest available version of Vaadin failed”

Upon project creation, I tried to modify the vaadin version thorough > Properties, but the same emtpy drop down list is coming empty also. I click on the download button, but the same pop up doesn’t give me any vaadin version values.

Please help and guide as I would like to try out this cool RIA framework :frowning:

If the download list is empty and the plugin cannot fetch information about the latest version, most probably your firewall or web proxy is blocking access to files and directories under
. This is somewhat strange, though, if you were able to install the plugin from
while on the same network.

If you cannot configure (in Window → Preferences → Network Connections) a local web proxy that would allow you access to them, try downloading the Vaadin JAR by hand from the above mentioned URL and GWT from
. GWT 1.7 is the version Vaadin supports but the version 2.0 that is just out might work as well. Then add the Vaadin JAR in your project in the WEB-INF/lib directory and the gwt-dev-*.jar and gwt-user.jar on your project classpath.

You should then be able to continue using the other features of the plugin.

Nice plugin.
I am responding to this thread because I have this same issue: the user need is to be able to install an Eclipse configuration “OFFLINE”. We are building a configuration using offline mirrored repositories by dowloading all dependencies, writing to disc, scanning, and then building from disc. A lot of companies are not allowing internet access and have strict controls in place to prevent unwanted and malicious software on the intranet and/or contacting outside sites.

Please consider including any and all dependencies in the updatesite repository,including this version check that seems to be baked-in, to support offline configuration which is becoming more and more a standard of operation.