Vaadin, Valo , exclude border around dashboard page

I am working with Vaadin 7.6 and Valo theme and have problem with excluding border-left setting for valotheme .

In my application , border left around dashboard is defined on this way :
.valotheme { border-left: 1px solid #414141;}

I want to achive this
.valotheme { /*border-left: 1px solid #414141; */ }

How I can do that;

thanks for any help.

Have you tried giving it e.g. border-left: none; instead of just commenting it out? If that line overrides anything else, just commenting it out will give you that overridden version instead of nothing.


I solved my problem . Border-left settings was writen out of any style definition in one place in my scss file .

when I remove that everuthing was ok.

thanks so much