Vaadin Upgraded to 8 - setImmediate() method removed in some classes

Hi Team,

I have upgraded Vaadin from 7.5.8 to 8.5.2. After upgrade, I identified that setImmediate(boolean) method is removed from classes such as FormLayout,Button and Panel in Vaadin 8. I have used this method a lot(around 1000+ places) in my project. I think that setImmediate() method functionality is now inbuilt with Vaadin Framework 8 and we have to remove it manually in all the places whereever i have used. But it is bit difficult to go to all the places and remove that method. Is there any alternate approach or quick workaround to get this done?

Thanks in the advance

Yes, there is change in Vaadin 8, components are now immediate, and you cannot change that. Hence the setImmediate() has been removed from AbstractComponent.

Thanks for the reply @Tatu. So, I have to manually remove .setImmediate() statement from my code wherever I used. Right?