Vaadin UI sluggishness in IE8

We have a client using one of our Vaadin applications who is complaining that the UI is very sluggish in IE8 on Windows XP. Whenever he types a character in a form field or opens a combo box, it takes roughly 10 seconds to display the character/expand the menu.

He had the very same problem when we asked him to test those components in the sampler, so it’s not related to our application in particular, but is specific to Vaadin (he apparently has no problem outside of Vaadin forms).

When tested using Firefox instead of IE, the problem did
occur. His IE instance has no out-of-the-ordinary plugins installed as far as we can tell.

Has anyone else run into this issue? We are unable to reproduce it ourselves; it seems limited to this one client’s machine. Are there any obscure settings in IE8 that could cause performance issues in conjunction with Vaadin?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

AVG versions with URL checking would be one lead.

Haven’t heard of IE8 sluggishness before. It should actually perform faster than Firefox from what I’ve gathered. Please inform if you find out what is causing it.

I confirm. With IE8 and XP pro even vaadin demo is not working well. Attached some screen shots.

11499.bmp (898 KB)

I routinely run XP SP3 with IE8 without any such behavior, on several very old laptops (from 2001 to 2006). Make sure you disable any anti-virus with active URL protection (such as AVG 9). Try to disable anti-phishing checks as well.

The screenshot looks like a bug we sad a while back as well, which traced back to IE Compatibility View. IE8 Compatibility View is not quite IE7, and not quite IE8, but the user agent string indicates that it is IE7, so the Vaadin theme gets messed up somewhat.

Thank you all for your quick reply ! If I have understood, it means that we should advise IE8 users to switch to another brother or another IE version ?

Thank you all and have a good week end !


Well not exactly. You may want to point out the coming IE9, and suggest they at least upgrade to that, but they shouln’t need to change IE8, since Vaadin works perfectly fine with it, as long as it is not running in Compatibility Mode (the “broken page” button next to the address field).

Isn’t this quite simple: If you click “broken page” -button in IE8, what you get is a broken page. It seems that IE works exactly as designed :)