Vaadin UI declarations in HTML

Is there any complete description of how to define the UI design declaratively in HTML. I am new to Vaadin and think that specifying the whole UI design declaratively is superior having lots of programmatic code. Is that wrong?

I am struggling trying to get a MenuBar working. But all my other components are showing up. All I get on the page is a vertical line where the MenuBar should be placed.

Also, is there something I should do in the HTML file or in Eclipse itself so that the UI component types used (like , etc.) are known in the environment.

I’d like to add TabSheet to my area of struggle. I can easily create tab sheets programmatically, but I am not able to add them declaratively. Having an example or two showing how to do this declaratively would be very useful. Are there bugs preventing one from declaring TabSheets?

Hi David,

A good reference point are always the official docs -
declarative UI design
. Additionally, you can also check out the
Vaadin designer
- it’s an awesome tool for quickly building UIs.

Regarding your specific problem, could you please post some code samples? That could potentially help in locating the issue.