Vaadin UI Components

Can you confirm if Vaadin’s built-in UI Components does not require GWT at all?
In other words, Vaadin’s built-in UI Components are not inherited from GWT UI components.


Vaadin 6: Vaadin core is release with a set of server-side components and a pre-compiled widgetset i.e. client-side counterparts of the server-side components compiled to JavaScript. Thus if you don’t create your own client-side extensions you don’t need GWT in your project.

Vaadin 7: Same as in Vaadin 6 what comes to server-side components. In addition to that GWT now comes also packaged inside Vaadin so that you can create purely client-side apps too if you want. Those client-side components then depend on GWT inside Vaadin.

Components on the server-side don’t depend on GWT. Components on the client-side depend on GWT.