Vaadin Touchkit

Hi All,
I have created an application using vaadin touchkit…What should I do if I want to run that application in android OS ?

Touchkit applications work out of the box for both iOS and android browsers, there is nothing you should need to do. What kind of problem do you have?

I just want to know how to make it run in a mobile which runs android OS… If it is an android application,I can use the .apk file…But when it comes to vaadin touchkit application, I do not know how to run it in a mobile…

Should I convert my touchkit application to .jar file and then convert that to .apk file?

It is a webapplication not a native application, you only need a browser.

I am able to run the application in my system browser but I want to know to how to run it in a mobile which runs android OS

Vaadin applications do not and will not ever run as separate programs. They run inside a browser. You will also need some kind of web server to serve the content to the browser.

Touchkit applications are installed in a central server, exactly like normal Vaadin applications. You then use your phones browser to access that server. There is nothing to install for a phone, since that is not where the code runs.

You mean that if I want to launch app on my mobile device, I have to launch browser, and then go to some URL…?

You may look for something like here?

You can create your own app, which actually just is a browser. As long as Apple tolerates this :wink:

Ohhh, Vaadin guys! You cheat me so much…

Or maybe you just had false expectations :wink:

create APKs from Vaadin apps, you just need to wrap it in Android’s WebView. Or you could use something like Cordova, which would make the app available on other platforms as well. It’s not always straight forward though, since in some cases things like testing can get quite clumsy. So if you can live with the app running in a browser, that’s what I’d recommend. It shouldn’t be a huge tradeoff either, as most mobile browsers nowadays allow adding web apps to the homescreen just like native apps.

Thanks, but how can I wrap?
UI its not a problem in Android, but I have to auth in app (different users) and keep the session…
May be you now how to create session and authorixation with using regilar android SDK?

Just like with a normal Vaadin app, you implement the app and then host it somewhere. What’s different is that instead of loading the app in a browser, you then write the special wrapper that opens it, just like a browser would. It shouldn’t affect auth or sessions in any way.