Vaadin Touchkit - how can i get current navigationView??

Hi everybody,

I am wondering how I can add a listener on the hardware back-button of Android devices.
In the mobilemail demo ( they don’t have implemented it. If i press the button on my devices (HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S) the browser navigates back to the page I was before (e.g. google) I started the webapplication.


UPDATE: See Post below

I don’t believe there’s any JavaScript binding for the android hw back button. It is handled like a browser back button. Handling back button in Vaadin app is best done with UriFragmentUtility.


i want to use the UriFragmentUtility.

My NavigationManager is a TabBarView.

But i dont find a getter for the current selectedTab. There is only a setSelectedTab method.

Even the fired SelectedTabChangeEvent does not have a getter that tells me on which NavigationView i am.

EDIT: my current solution is to use attach

public class MyView extends NavigationView{
public MyView(){ ... }
public void attach() {
        MyvaadinApplication app = (MyvaadinApplication) getApplication();


For some reason get getter seems to be missing. I added that method to TouchKit 3 that is currently under development. It is still not ready for production and it will require Vaadin 7. If you need the fix desperately now, create a ticket, go to Pro pages and prioritize the ticket.


Hi Matti,

is there a release date for touchkit 3 and vaadin 7?