Vaadin TouchKit 3.0 Webinar coming up next week!

The popular Vaadin Webinars continue next week with Vaadin TouchKit 3.0 Webinar.

For those who still are unfamiliar with Vaadin TouchKit, it is the mobile application extension for Vaadin: a set of mobile optimized widgets and a framework to build applications for mobile use cases.

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Vaadin TouchKit 3.0 - Mobile optimized components and widgets

You can now place your questions here as well, and the webinar is starting in few hours!

Since I will not be at the webinar, I still post my question over from the other forum part:!/thread/3530592

We are currently looking into building a small reservation system where clients can reserve some resources in a calendar.
The “resolution” for the reservations is 1 hour, so the vaadin calendar would be ideal for visualizing it on devices with “enough” screen space.

we also with to be able to provide a solution for the smartphone type users.

In traditional websolutions we would use mobile first + responsive design.
In Vaadin I currently see the touchkit solution, a responsive component

Which would be “the best” way to handle such different clients with a single vaadin application ?
Or if this is not possible, how do we descide which UI to show?

Offline features are not needed, but would be cool to test out…


The Vaadin TouchKit 3.0 Webinar Youtube link is:

Thank you for all of your questions, we will post more answers to this thread soon…


Some answers for questions we didn’t have time to go thru in yesterdays webinar are now available in this document:

Andre, simple option is just to hook BrowserWindowResizeListener to Page and do required adaptations there. There is also an experimental Responsive addon.



Example codes we used in yesterdays webinar can now be found at: