Vaadin text field/text area remember put values and autofill

Is is possible to have certain text fields on certain forms remember values that were put by user and then have them as prompts to pick next time user uses the same form/field?

Ive tried this but im not even sure if this does what i want cause it did not change anything.
TextField field = new TextField("name'); field.setAutocomplete(NAME);

i tried Autcomplete from vaadin component factory but it doesnt have valuechangetype api and i need this on to be eager to filter other stuff as user is typing

If you just want the browser/os feature help in autocompletion, you might want to add a static id for the input. That might help the client to do suggestions.

For more stable behaviour (and the share previously filled values), maybe you should use combobox instead (with custom values supported)?

i managed to achieve what i needed by using addChangeListener method of Autocomplete add-on, turns out this listener is triggered each time something is typed. I’ve combined addValueChangedListener and addFocusListener with it to add new suggestions when user has finished typing