vaadin-text-field input set style text-transform

Hi, I need to set the Vaadin TextField css style for text-transform. I’d rather do this using the element api style than a css class.
Is that possible? I tried something like this:
var text = new TextField();
text.getStyle().set(“text-transform”, “uppercase”);

but that only sets the style on vaaadin-text-field HTML element, not the underlying input:

<vaadin-text-field style="text-transform: uppercase" has-value="">
    <label slot="label" id="label-vaadin-text-field-0" for="input-vaadin-text-field-30"></label>
    <div slot="error-message" id="error-message-vaadin-text-field-2" hidden="" ></div>
    <input slot="input" type="text" id="input-vaadin-text-field-30"/>

This is using vaadin 23.3

I think the browser’s native styles set text-transform:none on input elements, so they don’t inherit the value from the parent element.

So I do think you’ll just have to use a class name for it.