Vaadin TestBench 3 - Recorder GUI not working with Firefox 15 (fixed)

Firefox 15 has introduced an incompatibility issue with
Vaadin TestBench 3
. (Recording test cases with GUI throws exceptions, playback is working normally though). Our development team is working together with Firefox developers to resolve this issue asap.

Although we keep close eye on new Firefox releases we can not guarantee that future Firefox releases wouldn’t introduce new incompatibility issues. Therefore it is recommended to use the latest stable Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) to power your Vaadin TestBench test case recordings.

Here’s the link to download latest Firefox Extended Support Release:

Download Firefox 10.0.7 ESR

In case you are using Firefox as your favorite browser client, and don’t want to install two instances of Firefox, then you just need to hold your breath until we have come up with a solution for Firefox 15.

Vaadin TestBench 3.0.1 has been released that includes the fix for GUI recorder incompatibility with Firefox 15.

You may download the latest release, as usual, from
Vaadin directory