Vaadin Test Bench issue on mouse move

I am running gui test through testsuit using test bench.
facing some strange issue. I am not sure whether it due to mouse movement. I am trying to run test suit for my all tests. All test pass if I don’t move or click my mouse during test. If I move or click mouse during test then some test fails.
If I run test class individually same thing happens most of time.

Can anyone have idea about this problem?


The problem seems it needs focus on window during test. If its removed test starts to fail.
Any idea?


Yes, Firefox (unfortunately) needs focus in order for things to work. If you’re not on Linux (where this reportedly causes other issues), you could try to enable testing mode by doing this:

FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
WebDriver webDriver =  TestBench.createDriver(new FirefoxDriver(profile));

I am not sure if it will work, though. I’m currently working on fixing a bug where focus is stolen from Firefox when using Vaadin TestBench, but doesn’t seem to be a problem for you?


Thanks a ton Jonatan,

At least I can make sure its something related to Firefox focus.

One more thing I noticed diff between win7 and mac env,
When I run test in Win7 , webdriver takes focus automatically on test startup and compete the test successfully(If its focus is not stolen).
In mac webdriver doesn’t get focus automatically, have to set manually by click then only it works. Its like have to click on webdriver window manually when test starts.

tried “focusmanager.testmode” . It works in mac. but no change in win7.