Vaadin tabsheet scroller problem

Hey guys, Can anyone help me to overcome the issues faced by me in Vaadin Tabsheet ?
The issue is also persisting in Vaadin Sampler -

  1. Using the resize handle, resize the tabsheet such that only 1 tab is visible. Now click Right arrow button. Instead of loading Tab 2, Tab 3 is loaded. (Ref image: sample-1)
  2. Again if you click left arrow button nothing happens.
  3. Refresh and resize again. Move untill tab 7 using the right arrow button. After moving to Tab 7, the tabsheet-scroller is not visible. If you resize tabsheet using resize handle, then also you can see only Tab 7 and you have no other option to move to any other tab.
  4. Again resize the tabsheet in such a way that no tab is visible. You can see the scroll buttons. Click that once and resize the tabsheet to make it bigger. You can see only Tab 1 and tab 7. Other tabs are missing.
  5. If you click tab 1, then the whole tabsheet gets loaded.
    6.Resize the tab sheet such that 3 tabs are visible. Move to tab 5 using next arrow button. Now resize the tabsheet.
    Expected Result : All tabs must be shown.
    Actual Result: Tabs 5 to 7 is only shown.