Vaadin table, need some rows / cells in bold


I’m a newbbie in vaadin and I’m facing an issue.
I retrieved an existing project which used a table with a lot of rows and cells.
This table has been written 5 or 6 years ago and now, business wants some cells (or maybe they can agree with some rows) in bold (based on some condition, to make it simple, we can say, if productid = 1, put the cell / row in bold, in other case, do not used bold).
at first view, it’s a very simple case, but …
the table is generated by using a lazyContainer (for the data) :

container.addContainerProperty("ProductId", String.class, null, true, true); container.addContainerProperty("ProductName", String.class, null, true, true); container.addContainerProperty("ProductValue", String.class, null, true, true); ....
And then, we used this code to generate to UI :

resultTable.setColumnHeader("ProductId", getMessage("ProductId"));
resultTable.setColumnHeader("ProductName", getMessage("ProductName"));
resultTable.setColumnHeader("ProductValue", getMessage("ProductValue"));

I’m able to put a line like ; resultTable.setStyleName(“bold”);
But, if i’m not wrong, this will write every cells of every rows in bold.

Do you know how I can solve this issue?

Thanks a lot