Vaadin Table Lazy Load vs Lazy Query Container

Vaadin Lazy table example ( says the following:

Table supports lazy-loading, which means that the content is loaded from the server only when needed. This allows the table to stay efficient even when scrolling hundreds of thousands of rows. Try scrolling a fair amount quickly!

So does it mean that I can achieve the same stuff that LazyQueryContainer is doing? LQC has APIs that take the range of items to be loaded to provide the hook about when it needs to load more items. But I do not see any such API in Table Lazy Loading APIs.

Can somebody please explain why should I be using LQC if the Vaadin lazy loading table claims to do the same stuff.

Table lazy loading is only doing lazy loading between client and server. It means that if the table data has 10000 rows, only a small “visible” subset of the rows are actually kept in the browser at a time. If you want lazy loading for the table data in the server side, you have to implement it yourself. That’s were the LQC comes into play.

Thanks Johannes, that was what my understanding. Just wanted to confirm.