Vaadin swallows exception

Abstract field is swallowing exception into currentBufferedSourceException is there a way to easily see this exception or have it get logged?

The exception gets wrapped into currentBufferedSourceException you can get it from there using getCause().

Furthermore, if the exception occurs during the paint cycle, it is presented as uncaught exception in the component UI itself. If you want to modify this behavior you should override and implement the terminalError method in the Application class. See this for example:

Hmm… OK. I’m going to have to fire up the debugger.

We have setup the terminalError to open a notification modal, and this works most of the time. But sometimes the error gets swallowed and I’ve traced ti back to this currentBufferedSourceException. I’ll do some more debugging to figure out exactly what is going on.

regarding the swallowed exception. one way is as follows:

  1. Create a Vaadin property that throws a NullPointerException on property.getValue()
  2. create a TextField and call textField.setPropertyDataSource(Property property)