Vaadin suitable for webpage with dynamic text?


I’m evaluating which framework to chose for my requirement:

  • a webpage with tabs
  • mostly text content, which is dynamically retrieved from external APIs using soap/rest/json
  • the text is to be updated according to user selection on controls like dropdowns and combo boxes
  • google maps must be integrated
  • some fancy picture / slideshow viewer is required (like jQuery ‘Jssor Slider’)
  • lateron maybe a responsive design, so that tablet/smartphone users have a nice view
  • load on the server side should be minimized. eg the inital content for a dropdown box is served, and when the user changes the box or the tab, the new content is retrieved from the server. there is no need for real server side sessions, I’d prefer to maintain all the data on the client side.

I would chose vaadin only because I already worked with vaadin 2 yrs ago, and just don’t know how to build webpages with dynamic content and a java backend server more easily then with vaadin.

But would you chose vaadin for such an application? Why would you, or why would you not?

Thanks a lot