Vaadin studentpack not working

I want to get a vaadin pro free license via connecting my github education account. But sign up using github( does not work correctly, verification always failed and it even doesnt give me ability to chose my github account.
Also i found that page vaadin student pack in account settings does not exist.


Hi, and thanks for the report! We are still in process of setting up this program, and announcing it a bit later.


I like to register by student program while using Designer. But when I go to the described URL for registration I will see that I have trial license with 14 days. But you system says me that I registered to the program as you may see in attached screenshot.

Vasily Avilov

I’m in the same boat, interested in using vaadin pro features but it seems blury what i have access and what not

many months ago, still the same…

many months ago, still the same…

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The Student program’s current implementation is just an infinitely recurring trial. It shouldn’t affect the usage, so don’t worry about it.

There are some ongoing issues with new signups that should be fixed soon; this should not be related to the Student program, though.

kate smith:
what are the features of vaadin studentpack

You can find more info here: