Vaadin Stripe integration

Hi does anybody have any working example of a vaadin & stripe integration? I know about the old posts in the forum but they appear to be outdated

Did you get forward with this? I briefly looked at their Java API and doing the integration is probably quite straightforward, although it naturally requires to understand how the web communication work (unlike Vaadin development in general).

If you mean this post, the Vaadin parts look pretty up to date to me: Vaadin flow with stripe payment - Flow -

Thanks for the answer! No sadly I did not move forward with it. But what do you mean with requires to understand how the webcommunications works.

I’m also interested, I’ve followed the example of the forum but the payment page does not appear

Sorry, the example in the forum is working fine :slightly_smiling_face:
It was failing for another error

@humble-squirrel @kind-goat if I may do a bit self advertising:

it even integrates paypal too :wink:

Does it support payment intents?

yeah, see PayHook.expectPayment()