Vaadin StreamVariable usage

I have tried to use a StreamVariable in my WebCam add-on to stream picture from the flash side to vaadin without using the current UPLOAD hack… The my StreamVariable is in the client side this literal

What might be the correct way to call the uri from the e.g. flash side? I have tried different compinations of streamvariable uri and application url, but so far without success…


Reply to myself: contextroot catenated with streamvariable literal starting from /APP…

In my case: http://localhost:8081/WebCam/APP/UPLOAD/PID_SVAADIN_WEBCAM_PID/postTargetUri/ba1dcffe-1623-4655-9e77-4b56531d9333;jsesionid=F5A1194AD23C964A8DC3212CF9F356E2