Vaadin Starter 24.1.2 - NPM Font Not Showing

Hello! I’ve downloaded a Vaadin starter project with the only change being specifying a custon font (in this case, Barlow Condensed). Upon running, however, the font change doesn’t appear to show, although no errors are thrown.
@NpmPackage(value = “@fontsource/barlow-condensed”, version = “4.5.0”)
@Theme(value = “myapp”)
public class Application implements AppShellConfigurator {

public static void main(String[] args) {, args);


@import url(‘./main-layout.css’);
@import url(‘@fontsource/barlow-condensed/index.css’); html {
–lumo-font-family: Barlow Condensed;


“lumoImports” : [ “typography”, “color”, “spacing”, “badge”, “utility” ],
“assets” : {
@fontsource/barlow-condensed” : {
.css" : “@fontsource/barlow-condensed”,
” : “@fontsource/barlow-condensed/files”

Is there some build step I am missing here? I’ve changed no other values from the starter project.

You could try to add true to your vaadin-maven-plugin’s configuration to enforce vite

That seems to work - how will that affect actual deployment though?